Garmin Approach S20 Watch Review

It is not a bad habit or thing if you want to save expenses on any hardware you are to use. Because almost the same features are available but at a higher price. SO naturally you will go for the lower-priced hardware. Although some of you may prefer the expensive ones.

The Approach S20 is a golf GPS watch from Garmin which includes the main functions for yards through a panel instead of a touchscreen. It’s one of the strongest fundamental golf clocks on the market. 

In addition to the hole, score, and a green line, this entry-level watch displays front, middle and back distances. It is quick and easy to customize and convenient to carry, like most Garmin watches. 

For over 40,000 golf courses worldwide, the Garmin ApproachS20 is affordable. The S20 is not as sleek or compact as the x40 but has a broader profile with much of the same characteristics.

Combine the respirator brace with the plastic cover for the glass monitor with chemically enhanced impact and using a lightweight watch all day long. The S20 solution might not be great, but it is better than others and the sleek interface and visuals on the time panel help you feel relaxed on and off-board. 

This golf watch strengthens Garmin ‘s belief in an Apple device for customers. Not just that, they are easily upgraded – perfect for good players who want to look easily at the board before choosing a team. This is a good way to decide if you have a sand trap or a lake.

Now, let’s discuss briefly the Garmin Approach S20‘s extraordinary features, specs, and all other things. This is going to be interesting.

Garmin Approach S20 Watch Review


There is nothing much to explain about the specification :

  • Size: 0.4 x 1.5 x 1.9 inches
  • Display Area Size: 0.9” x 0.9” (23 x 23 mm)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Battery Lifetime: 15 hours
  • Display : 168 x 68 pixels
  • Pre-loaded Courses: 41,000+

Let’s talk about its characteristics now. We’ll explain them in depth below.


As an all-in-one watch, there are many sections of features that are important.

  • Preloaded With 41,000 Courses Worldwide
  • Yardage To F/M/B
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Bluetooth Feature
  • Green View With Manual Pin Position
  • Hazards And Course Targets
  • Odometer
  • Truswing Technology (3d View)

These are the features you get to use while you play a match of golf. Apart from these, you get lots of features that can easily surpass any smartwatch feature.

Now lets briefly describe all the key features so that you can have the exact idea. 

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Your original thoughts should be focused on what is obvious. The silicone band retains the elastic mechanism required to make it work properly. 

The S20 golf watch from Garmin will help you to locate all the lay-off locations, bunkers, doglegs, lakes, etc. The face of the golf watch is larger than the X40’s and tests the gap to every section of the golf course hazards. 

It instantly charges through a USB cable with a special clip and conveniently keeps up the charge for one or two minutes. Those who are seeking a good value watch with multi-sport and more than the simple apps of golf.

The S20 golf watch comes with over 40 000 golf courses much like other Garmin golf watches pre-loaded. No subscriptions nor monthly payments are needed for this golf watch. You just need to mount it and turn it on after you buy this golf watch. 

S20 are all eligible for AutoShot, Garmin app, and digital Scorecards. You may also test the equipment and club approaches with a TruSwing golf swing tracker, whether you already are at the ball and own one. It’s compatible. Fitness is also available, not to be mentioned. 

A 0.9 “x 0.9” (23 x 23 mm) monitor screen is supported on Garmin Approach S20 which is 168 x 68 pixels. 

The monitor is much wider than the x40 golf look and represents an Apple watch ‘s design and sound. The screen is readable by sunlight, which allows you to see the golf course. 

You press the top right-hand button and pick the beginning round to start the golf GPS feature. It should take just below a minute to identify the golf course you are on, which is snappy enough to get ready for the first tea that is the middle of the lane. 

It’s a winner for a watch which covers the basics and offers some more benefits for everyday usability and practicality.

The green view display feature is included in the S20 Golf GPS watch. The form and contours of the green on every golf hole are provided in this feature. 

The S20 is filled with cool tracking technology for activity. This S20 Golf Watch doesn’t have a heart rate sensor like other fitness apps, but it is perfect for monitoring and running everyday measures. 

A lithium-ion battery to be recharged incomplete GPS mode for a period of 15 hours until the golf watch. Let it be clear, this is Garmin ‘s latest golf watch unit.

If you have reached this point you are already aware of Garmin Approach S20’s specification and feature details. Now, let’s meet you with Pros and Cons.

Garmin Approach S20 Watch Review


  • Features of the scorecard, holds the game updated. 
  • Lots of preloaded courses can let you play everywhere. 
  • There is no requirement for membership or subscription. 
  • Also in rugged or off-limit places, precise. 
  • Tracker activity to run, golf, etc., that means fitness. 
  • Heart rate monitoring is useful in keeping you updated regarding your safety. 
  • TruSwing Technology gives your game a 3D view.
  • Waterproof, very useful during the rain of sweaty summer.


There is nothing much to say as negative about Garmin Approach S20, yet we got some review that is against this beautiful piece of machinery.

  • The price, a little higher, could lead to a rivalry for this beautiful watch. 
  • You are not going to have a touch screen, which can make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Otherwise, we could not find anything wrong with the  Garmin Approach S20.

These are some common questions that are asked about the    Garmin Approach S20


How do I reset my Garmin Approach S20?


  • Power off the unit.
  • Press and hold the Back and OK buttons.
  • Press the power button until the Garmin logo appears on the screen.
  • Continue holding Back and OK for 10 seconds.
  • Release the OK button.
  • 5 seconds after releasing the OK button, release the Back button.

Is Garmin Approach S20 waterproof?

Ans: It’s waterproof up to 50 meters.

Does the Garmin Approach s20 tell time?

Ans: Of course, apart from golf mood you will have any other feature that a smartwatch must-have.

Bottom Line

In the end, that is the goal of a GPS golf watch. Everything that is a luxury element. 

This clock appears to be an example of the Apple watch, but it has some of Garmin ‘s familiar features in the other golf watches. To golfers with an emphasis on battery life and fun game apps we recommend the Garmin approach S20 as the best golf course of 2017. 

It takes a long time to get used to how to use it, but your wrist provides loads of details.