Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long or Too Short: 4 Steps to Size Your Clubs

Beginners usually battle to accurately scale their golf clubs. Sadly, size is very significant when it comes to clubs. Indeed, the correct size of the clubs can improve the game tremendously, while the wrong size can adversely affect your results and make it impossible to swing correctly and quickly.

Learning how you fit with the right clubs will have a huge influence on your results. The lack of longitudinal golf clubs will play a significant part in erratic results. A golfer must make sure that the golf clubs they purchase are suitable for their body shape and height, so someone who is 6’5 “should not visit a men’s clothes shop and buy a suit outside the rack.

Many beginner golfers choose a specialist to have a dynamic approach to a proper size golf club. While a club’s static approach is based on the height of the golfer. You ought to know the length of golf clubs and how to change them.

We would clarify in this guide why your golf clubs are too brief and what to do with them, whether they have four measures in scale.

4 Steps to Size Your Clubs

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1. Static and Dynamic Method

There are many ways to test the dynamic or static fit of the new clubs. The static fitting method works on a variety of different measurement methods, making it less accurate for most advanced golfers. For eg, a variety of players tend to calculate the length of a club from the ground to their wrists. Other players tend to remove their fingertips off the deck. 

The dynamic fit measuring technology is better when the measurements are taken using a starter sensor while a player swings a bat. To create the right head and shaft that better fit the style of the golfer, a launch screen is used. 

When you are fit for another range of clubs, it can also take into account the starter angle, dispersion, spin rate, and ball speed to make sure you buy the right length. If a player is prepared based on the duration for new clubs, so its position is a significant feature. Ideally, the club shaft should move by the waistline of the golfer. 

When a golfer leans to the address so far, the club’s shaft drops below the waistline. If the shaft of the club is too straight, it will hit over your waistline. Ideally, a longitudinal measurement that maximizes accuracy and distance is the best way to achieve this.

2. For Irons

As with drivers, the shaft length decides exactly how much leverage your shot has, but you don’t want to get caught in the nice impact. So rise again with your foot in the width of your shoulder and stretch out your arms so that your palms are again in front of the belt. 

Select 2 or 3 different types of iron to swing by the calculation you obtained in phase 2 of the driver process. Using the middle Irons (5, 6, 7) as a reference when selecting which Irons to pick. This iron should be similar to the perfect length of your club. 

Make sure you fire the various iron sets to see which one you feel more at ease and make sure the metal shafts and graphite shafts are included in the range.

 If the clubhead lies on the concrete. The toe of the club should be lifted marginally from 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch on your mid irons. The clubhead will sit fully on the field for longer snap Irons (2, 3, 4), while the toe will be higher with the others (8, 9, PW).

3. Extend Club

You can eventually adjust the weight, swing weight, lay angle, and feeling by adding length to your golf clubs. 

You may make some serious errors in the process if you do not know how to do this. 

It’s better to find a certified club fitter that suits your golf club. The fitter can ensure that you have clubs that are the best way to test your golf. 

As fitting golf clubs are extended to golf clubs, a brand new golf club is not necessarily required. There are extensions that the club can do without removing the shaft. This is a short and simple way to set up golf clubs without costing a lot. 

These full package may not be as big as a manufacturer’s new launches but are extremely functional clubs. If you like longer golf clubs and don’t want to pay a premium, manufacturers can normally do this if it’s a club’s new edition.

4. Purchasing New Clubs

New clubs that are expanded may need to be bought. You will want to get fit before you do this. If you are ready for a collection of golf clubs, this time around you has appropriate equipment in your possession. 

Another significant factor to adjust is to ensure that you still are failing because your golf clubs are too short. You might think they’re too short, and after that, it turns out that your game has some other problems.

Fitting is important because;

When a player has too short clubs, he or she usually bends too far from his or her waist. Conversely, the player must stand up too for clubs that are too long. These two subconscious changes will theoretically decrease the efficiency of the swinging action. 

Only with the proper length of the golf club will players assume the right posture so they can perform the correct swinging motion and have the greatest chance to have a strong and accurate touch. 

A golfer may adjust his or her position or swing in ways that impact his or her game, playing in clubs that are either too short or too long. It can lead to unconscious swing compensation, which can lead to a faulty ball. For the driver and the iron, there are essential requirements for the shaft length.


As a golfer, you will probably conduct the two static measures listed above alone to determine exactly what the right club length should be. You should accurately calculate your total height and handheld to the floor at home, and then use the above diagram for the identification of the right club length. 

Place the radar on the field in the zone you can strike balls if you have a stand-up monitor. The golfer must face the radar face. When you use an on-club display before swinging, append the club. 

This discussion will help you adapt to your big golf clubs to get the correct club for you. Follow the advice of the professional and get the right golf club and learn how to easily size golf clubs. Get your next game with total faith and results, and have a great golf club!