Golf Simulator Space Requirements and Room Design for your Best Setup

Assume that you are a regular golfer or a professional. You’re set for the game. Today’s not good weather, or you’re trapped at home. But for the refreshing heart, enjoyable or other reasons you have to continue playing. Now you look for a new way of playing. This is a golf simultaneous device for you, even in unfavorable weather or adverse circumstances, to continue your sport.

If you’re usually looking forward to golf on the weekends and everything takes you through the working week, autumn and winter can feel like the end of the planet. You can then buy a golf simulator if you don’t want to shelve your golf clubs for 6 months. But you will need some space to host all of these installations. The first step in creating the ideal practice area in your home is to consider space requirements.

Most of the golf simulators need 10’W x 10’L x 8.5’H for a minimum room. The height and long length of the player will contribute to the amount of space required. You can get started with a marginally shorter ceiling if you are a shorter player.

It’s not hard to develop your golf simulator. This article will inform you of the golf simulator market which includes everything you need to construct your golf simulator.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on the best setup and room design for Golf Simulator. Let’s Get started;

Room Design for your Best Setup

Golf Simulator Space Requirements and Room Design for your Best Setup

1. Space

This will give you a clearer understanding of the kind of room requirement you have to deal with if you have a similar device in mind. Mentally map the space out and consider where each part should be put in the package, including the projection panel, mat, and net. Grab a golf club and practice a couple of swings. 

Make sure you use restraint if you haven’t swung a club in your house. Most of us do not know how low our ceilings are. Make sure the club has plenty of room above and around you for a really slow practice swing. When your routine improves, your tempo increases steadily. At this time it’s the longest club in your bag and we consider using a cab. 

You should have enough room to use the indoor golf club if you can comfortably swing your drivers without touching the wall or the roof. Try for a shorter iron if the driver is swinging too closely.

2. Making Space

Naturally, the main challenge is finding the right room for the development of a golf simulator. You would have more flexibility to use the system if you do not want to leave the system indefinitely. 

The family room or garage is usually the safest place to set up a simulator. You will use your TV to view the golf simulator software if you intend to use a simulator indoors and do not have a projector screen. 

You’ll learn that the system space of most homes with a golf simulator is the multipurpose room of the house. As an additional benefit, the projector will allow you to enjoy a mini theater in comfort in your home, along with the big projection screen.

3. Measuring Area

Any package includes an artificial-grass-style golf mat, which includes built-in sensors. Depending on the device, these mats will take up some ground space. On average, three to five feet of space is needed for a golf pad, which is not bad. 

The right and the left players seem to have different space needs concerning room width. The right player would require a 9 to 10-foot wide space on average, while the left player will need 12 to 14 feet of room. 

Most players considered the space depth to be at least 10 feet, but for most players, it would be 15 feet that fit well. This involves the distance from the wall to the screen, the tee to the screen, and between the golfer and the screen four to six meters of space.

4. Hitting Mats

If the consistency of your mat is high enough, your shots will be accurate. Golf mat gives you a feeling of enjoyment to play when hitting the ball correctly. You may also get a true grass experience because it operates equally and effortlessly. It also helps to enhance your golf swing by helping you to manage and adjust your ball flight. 

Don’t think about the sun’s heat and the temperature. Wherever you like, you can play everywhere. But you should be mindful that the consistency of your mat is critical for improving golf. Find this standard if you want to buy an inexpensive mat. If the hitting mat’s consistency is strong, you can boost your golf swing preparation. 

A limited budget makes some mattresses affordable. Any of them are pricey. You will both get. Although the same facility will not be given to you both. A cheap mat would not be as long-lasting as a pricey mat. TrueStrike Golf Mat is between $400 and $1400. The price depends on the quality of the mats.

5. Retractability

This is perfect for golfers who want a golf simulator to work entirely without needing to provide room while not in service. 

The distinction is that you can force the side and the top netback if you do not want room open. This is close to the Portable Studio. 

The lowest ceiling height is 9 feet high for the optimum swing area. The depth required for this set-up is just 12 feet because space is smaller.

6. Projector and  Screen

You will get projectors that can tempt you at fewer costs than $65. However, you may want to consider consistency, reliability, and longevity. You would then be free to select costlier projectors. Approx. $100 to $1500 is available for the projection. You’re going to get what you want in a term. 

Not all projectors are ideal for a golf simulator at home. Each room requires a projector to fulfill its specifications. It varies according to the light of the environment, the room size, and the simulator program needs the resolution. 

The outline of a projector should also be considered according to the ratio selected during procurement. The key aspects of the golf simulator are projector screens. You can see in the viewer the position of your shots. Some people use different patterns to paint the wall to prepare an appropriate projection surface. But at a reasonable price, you can get it packed. There will be between $200 and $4000 in volume. Any projection displays can be seen here. 

It needs to be in the budget. It can be programmed quickly. It is compact and requires no drilling, deck mounting, or wall mounting. With the golf simulator screen, you can convert your living or garage into an indoor golf simulator.

7. Computer and Software

Technology for golf simulation allows you to force the tea down, hit fairway shooting, pitch, chip and hit the ball in the hole. It offers visuals and accurate ball flight from which you can easily play golf courses. Any application helps you to build your own classes. 

Any of them allow you to blend your gym into your golf shots. It will also allow you to calculate such important items, like travel speed, total distance, spin rate, etc. Not all simulator applications has these capabilities. If you need a full golf course, suggest a paid golf simulation app for your budget. Now you may want to know the right tools for simulation. With the necessary goods, you should understand your spending.

You need to update software on your simulator and you need a device or iPad. for this reason. On your mobile, you can even do this. Contact the different components of the simulator. You will connect with them with your phone.

8. Minimum Cost

The cost of the indoor golf simulator varies dependent on your materials’ consistency and reliability. A golf simulator is now eligible for a full golf simulator, varying from the lowest $299 to the highest $10,595. 

But if you want a sustainable golf simulator that includes high-cost components such as grit, net, panel, software and projector, it costs at least $15,995 and upwards $70,000. The prices of top brand golf simulators vary from their consistency.


The use of a laptop for the running of golf simulator systems is expected by most systems. The laptop is connected to the projection screen which shows the picture of a golf course. 

The mat includes sensors. Sensors can also be mounted around a space in certain sets. The net included is intended to capture the golf balls which you strike so that the balls do not go crazy and smash windows or destroy your building. 

The distance is determined by whether the simulators and the width of the screen you are intending to mount are used by left and right golfers. 

It should be at least 12 feet tall and meet a good rule. The great thing about building a golf simulator is to make a real difference.