GolfBuddy Voice X Review

While driving you noticed your smartphone or your car’s GPS system keeps you update with a voice notification. So you don’t have to look often at the screen.

Just like that, the  Voice X keeps you notified while you play, over voice notification. It keeps notifying you about pinpoints, flags, hazards distance from you. And of course with a big screen if you wish you will be able to see more clearly.

While you play golf, you do not want any distractions. Looking at your GPS device is kind of a distraction. So having a voice-over GPS device is way better than a device that you have to look often. Of course depending on how good you play.

The golf GPS Voice sequence is recognized for its versatility and re-reading. The premium golf is a special golf solution. For any device over the years, Voice X has become popular, but it is one of the apps. 

The key features of the devices are their distance audio capability, which is ideal if golfers are not involved in watching the central information panel. As a robotic caddy, the sleek look means that you may discreetly cut through a shirt, pocket, or cap.

The device is small and lightweight and comes with a clip-on a belt, a cap, or a shirt. 

Rather of a rectangle, the latest chatting friend now has a round nose. The sleek style means that the hand suits better. A new lock on the back is not reversible, however, any place you like: belt harness, accounting, or even your scorecard can be attached.

Let us discuss the GolfBuddy Voice X’s unique features, specs, and all other things.

GolfBuddy Voice X Review


  • Dimensions: Width: 47mm, Height: 47mm, Depth: 13.6mm
  • Display: LCD 1.28”
  • Preloaded Courses: 38,000+
  • Power supply: Lithium-Ion (450mAh)

Let’s talk about its features now. We’ll explain them in depth below.


There is nothing much to explain about the features but they are important :

  • Pin Placement and Hazard distances notification
  • Big Number Mode
  • Larger display screen
  • No annual fees

Now lets briefly describe all the key features so that you can have the exact idea. Get ready for some exciting updates!!

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Figures will also be seen more than ever on a Speech network. The panel is greater than the voice 2 with the 1.28′′ LED column. This is helped in your view by the popular Dynamic Green View technology from GolfBuddy. 

In a large number setting, the voice X is for you only. Right in the center or from the next free, where the top, edge, back, and danger are visible with all numbers. 

This communication gadget also provides a pin-positioning tool, target, and danger lengths, GPS, and outdoor play golf and Bluetooth for wireless courses running using the smartphone device.

They improved what was already perfect in the voice X. You may depend entirely on your measurements with improved voice X. 

However, some flawed versions have made so by quality tests and are blamed for certain unjust stuff in Voice X. You may easily turn it on to encourage the Voices X to discover its place and the path you ‘re about to take with more than 40.000 courses around the world. 

There are five buttons in the GolfBuddy Voice: a key button at the top, a control button at the left, and a select / volume button at the back. Though low, the GolfBuddy Voice also has an information panel. The clip style on the back, sadly, does not require the Voice X to be added to an old watch or wrist band.

This is also compliant with an independently available Golf Buddy wrist-band. You may attach the GolfBuddy Voice to the side of a hat, a jacket, or a band with the clip on the unit. 

When you have the smallest possibility of playing a new course, the Automatic Courses Update feature kicks in with an application on the mobile, and the current knowledge is imported to the computer with the most accurate distances. 

If you have reached this point you are already aware of GolfBuddy Voice X’s specification and feature details. Now, let’s meet you with Pros and Cons. Though there is not much to talk about its Cons.

GolfBuddy Voice X Review


  • 1.28″ display, much larger than it’s siblings.
  • Pin placement, allows us to know the exact location for you to shoot.
  • Upgraded features, most flattering, it’s voice over notification.
  • Hazard distances alerts, keep you away from loosing or shooting your balls.
  • Price, getting so many flattering features very reasonable. Check Price


There’s nothing much to tell about GolfBuddy Voice X as negative, but we’ve got some criticism that’s against this gorgeous piece of machinery.

  • Green graphic images can be inaccurate, since a GPS system can induce network interference, and the updating of the measurement information can also be inaccurate. This could troublesome for the players, but calibrating against the course with a restart is going to fix the problem.

Otherwise, we could not find anything wrong with the  GolfBuddy Voice X. The Voice sequence has also been a good end, reliable, accurate GPS unit.

Bottom Line :

The Voice X may also be the strongest Sound model Golf Buddy has published to date to pick the strokes. The updated apps allow it more convenient for golfers, but we would also like to see an increased battery life comparable to Voice 2. 

We found that the GolfBuddy Voice and GolfBuddy Platinum were always different in the yard so we checked them during the same round. 

The water tolerance trait can allow you to manage to play in the heat. This is the ideal addition for users who are unable to read the text.