WTX Smart Watch Review

That’s it !!! It is official now !! GolfBuddy keeps amazing us not only with its extraordinary features but also the appearance of their devices. WTX Smart Watch is one of its smart GPS devices packed with some well known and new features to amaze you. So without any further delay lets get on with giving you a short description of this beautiful machine.

Finally, Golf Buddy has been part of Bluetooth communication convergence for its golf apps. To maximize the potential of the watch by using its many functions via its Smartphone application. You increasing the need for keys and more controls with a touch screen monitor. Both modes, hazards, and trout views to collection frame, shot distance, and time mode are shown in the full-color screen. The watch is slim and lightweight and incredibly easy to use. 

The more athletic esthetic attraction is given to the watch. The limited life cycle of the battery, lasting just 8 hours, has raised many questions about its usage. Like other GPS watches on the hands, it is a little powerful, which can struggle under the sleeves of tops and jackets but it is clear that the large rubberized case can be quickly adjusted. The WTX is operated by a pump that clicks the back of the watch and plugs the power or a regular USB micro cable into your computer. GolfBuddy WTX Watch is the newest GPS brand design known for the precision of its remote measurements. The watch has 38,000 courses preloaded worldwide.

Now, let’s discuss briefly the WTX Smart Watch‘s extraordinary features, specs, and all other things. This is going to be interesting, so buckle up !!

WTX Smart Watch Review


There is nothing much to explain about the specification  but….

  • Size: 1.76 in. x 1.78 in. x .49 in.
  • Display Type: LCD/Black
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery
  • Battery Life Time: 8 hours
  • Recharge Time: 4 hours
  • Display: 1.2″ inch
  • Pre-loaded Courses: 38,000+

Let’s talk about its characteristics now. We’ll explain them in depth below.


As an all-in-one watch, there are many sections of features that are important.

  • Activity trackers, also work like fitness band.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Interchangeable outer screens
  • Dual green distance display
  • 40,000 courses worldwide

These are the features you get to use while you play a match of golf. 

Now lets briefly describe all the key features so that you can have the exact idea. 

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During golf mode, if within 20 meters of the middle, the device turns into the green monitor. The features are really cool when it comes to sunshine problems. You will quickly quit Golf Mode when you have completed the rounds and want to extend the life of the battery to standard time mode. Hang on and click the button somewhere for more than four seconds before you are told to remove the watch. It saves your energy on your phone. In analog time, time mode can display a clock. The WTX is the first way for GolfBuddy to reach the GPS workout region and track other things including riding, cycling, and walking with a pedometer.

These can also be used to enable course and device alerts and reminders of texts to the computer screen via the GolfBuddy app. That is because the WTX is shown in greater screen size because the text of the message will show these, not only the response you’ve had to turn the phone off to see what it was. The blend of versatility and detailed details does also lead to a GolfBuddy’s WTx App. Second, it’s an insightful look and it offers you the exercise you ‘d suspect. But it’s especially targeted at golfers.

It has been often confusing and challenging to set up the latest GolfBuddy WTX watch. The edition we used was definitely early and some of the bugs have since been ironed out. Don’t be misled, it’s a completely new product on the GPS business. There were a lot of mistakes, but it’s extremely helpful to extract details from this color display.

Within the WTX you can see how long you want from the handheld GPS in a shot distance calculation so as to get that in a Golf GPS watch that is more compact. The website consists of 38,000 courses and each hole includes specific color numbers for front center and back green lengths. After a given time of up to 15 seconds may be adjusted in the environment, the display should turn off to conserve electricity. By pressing on the button or with the “Wake-Up Motion” you will get it back to existence.

If you have reached this point you are already aware of WTX Smart Watch’s specification and feature details. Now, let’s briefly describe Pros and Cons.

WTX Smart Watch Review


  • The Touch screen is a must of every smart gadget nowadays.
  • The full-color display helps you to see what you want to have.
  • Tournament legal, it is very important when it comes to a different course.
  • Water-resistant, very useful in sweaty summer or on rainy days.
  • Smartphone compatibility, keeps you notified about every notification.


If you have gone through our detailed review then you must have noticed the only disadvantage of this beautiful device. Its battery life. Comparing to its other siblings it has a lower battery life, only about 8 hours, though it is featured with a fast-charging system.

Otherwise, we could not find anything wrong with the  WTX Smart Watch.

These are some common questions that are asked about the    WTX Smart Watch


How do I reset my WTX Smart Watch?

Ans: Remove the black sticker and insert an object such as a paper clip to press and hold down the Reset button. While holding down the Reset button, click the power button.

Is WTX Smart Watch waterproof?

Ans: yes of course. For a period of time, it stays waterproof to let you get to a safe distance and very useful for sweaty summer or rainy days.

Is the Screen easy to see in Sunlight?

Ans: The bright color of the watch makes it easier to see the details with more ease.

Bottom Line:

Considering very aspects like power, durability, compactness, usability and price WTX Smart Watch is the perfect choice for you. The GolfBuddy WTX Watch displays the hole above and the distances to both hazards and the grass. The color screen looks fantastic, and the additional intelligent look functionality renders this decent quality value. Last but not least the price is very customer friendly.
Overall, WTX Smart Watch is an all-rounder for average golf players.